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Using the Site2Api tool you can create a feed from any website!Just click and select the information you want and start using your newly created real-time feed. Our scraper and analyzer will get out all data and enable you to easily use it in any of your applications.

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Important! We’ve discontinued Site2Api since 31st of December, 2014. Please look at for similar functionalities.

See how it works

1 Start your project

Start a new project in Site2Api, fill in your project name and project URL. The project URL is the full URL of the website that you want to create a feed from.

2 Select data

The live website is now loaded into Site2Api. You can hover over elements from your current website, for example a title or content, and put them in your new feed. A real-time connection is now made with the current site, when the website changes the feed is updated as well!

3 Use your API

When all connections have been made the feed is finished and can be used in any application. Just use the URL for the feed and start collecting the information. This works great when you want have an extensive feed from a website or use as a way to migrate data from your website.

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