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The Site2Mobile studio is a tool that can easily convert your website to mobile. By following the simple steps of the Site2Mobile Studio you can convert your desktop website into a full-fledged mobile website in minutes.

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Important! As of the 31st of December 2014, we’ve moved our focus to Therefore, we do not take on new customers. Existing users will (of course) still get updates.

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1 Start your project

Create a new project in the Site2Mobile Studio by filling out the form with your project name and URL. The Studio will now create all the needed project files and you're ready to start converting your desktop website!

2 Pick a template

Select a template for your business. This template will define the blueprint of your mobile website. In the Site2Mobile Studio you're not limited to just adjusting some colors and shapes, but you get full control over the templates. Therefore, you are able to extend or change this template any way you like and create the perfect extention of your desktop website or brand.

Templates available right now are templates for small to medium companies, publishers and m-commerce websites.

3 Select data

As soon as you selected your template, your current website is loaded into the Studio. By hovering and selecting elements such as your logo, menu or articles, you can extract the content for your new mobile website.

The Studio helps you avoid the problems of updating the content in a seperate CMS by creating a real-time connection with your existing desktop website. Just edit your information in the same place you are used to and see changes affecting both your desktop and mobile version!

4 Implement

After you're done creating and testing your mobile website, the Studio will hand you a couple of lines of code to put your website live. This piece of code will only route all mobile visitors of your website to the mobile version you just created.

Real-time connection

The Site2Mobile studio keeps a real-time connection with the connected website. Using this connection the information on the mobile website is always up to date. An additional benefit is that you don't have to work with multiple Content Management Systems.

All devices

Websites generated with the Site2Mobile studio are always future proof and work on all mobile devices. The mobile detection code can detect current mobile devices but also future, not yet released, devices.

Small size

Mobile devices have limited bandwidth, so minimizing the amount of kilobytes that your tablet or phone needs to download will increase the speed of the website. The Site2Mobile studio automatically reduces and compresses all HTML, Javascript and CSS files that are generated by the Studio. This will result in a faster and better responsive website.

Automatically resizing images

Too large images can be a huge waste of bandwidth. Site2Mobile Studio will automatically resize images to the viewed size. Additionally it will try to compress the image files to a minimal amount of kilobytes while retaining image quality. This will ensure that you never download more data then you use.

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