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Maximize your conversion on mobile

M-commerce in the Netherlands is going through a rapid growth and is expected to be triple the size by 2015. Lots of e-commerce companies still struggle to generate conversion on mobile.

We provide easy ways of setting up, implementing and testing an optimized m-commerce experience to maximize your conversion on mobile.

The current state

"The m-commerce forecast shows a significant growth: from 0.5 billion today to nearly € 1.5 billion in 2015, with an increasing annual growth."

Source: Paypal Netherlands

Our mission

Our mission is to maximize the conversion of your E-commerce website on mobile devices

Rather than providing a single feature, our solution is a combination of several features designed to maximize conversion on the device the solution is viewed. We create, implement and test these features to see which combination results in the best fit for your e-commerce website.

The resulting m-commerce solution can be regarded as a "layer" over the current e-commerce site. We are not dependent on external parties so several solution can be tested simultaneously and parallel. The result is an optimized m-commerce experience that can result in a ROI of a few months.

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Our M-commerce rules


Provide information the user wants

Users on mobile devices have a completely different information need compared to desktop users. A good converting m-commerce solution will supply the information the user wants on a clear and concise way.


Don't get in the users way

Mobile visitors of your webshop tend to avoid long forms and complicated multi-page order forms. Providing a simple but clear interface that doesn't get in the users way will lower the bounce rate.


Cross device compatibilty

URL's are meant to be shared. Newsletters, Facebook shares and Tweets can be delivered on different devices: it is paramount togive users a solution that fits their screen size, using the same URL.


Track conversion from start to end

In the end, the conversion is king. Providing a way to track users from entry point to conversion can give good insight on how the M-commerce website is used and seeing the importance of handling users on mobile devices.

Maximize your conversion on mobile

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