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Get more exposure for your products new!

With Channable you can easily import your datafeed and optimize it for any channel.

Select the products for each channel and optimize all information. Once everything has been set, it is time to get your products out there and start making some real money. Advertise your products on comparison services like Google Shopping and Kelkoo or even automatically create ads for your products on Google Adwords.


Convert your desktop website to mobile

Is your website mobile ready? With the Site2Mobile studio you can convert any website to mobile, regardless the CMS that is used.

Offer your customers on mobile devices the best experience without rebuilding your website. All based on proven technology.

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Convert websites to an API

You want to get data from websites but the RSS feeds are just not cutting it? By using our Site2Api tool you can create an API from any website! Just click and select the information you want and start using your newly created real-time feed. Our scraper and analyzer will get out all data and enable you to easily use it in any of your applications.


Double your conversion rates on mobile

Using the Site2Mobile m-commerce platform we have seen increases in mobile conversion rates up to 200%. Let us help your business by showing you the possibilities of m-commerce.

We provide easy ways of setting up, implementing and testing your new M-commerce experience. Contact us today!

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Mobile professionals

Problems with tackling the mobile market? We are here to help. Our combined knowledge of the mobile market has helped dozens of companies. Site2Mobile consists of a team of passionate developers who love building great mobile solutions. Do you want to start a mobile campaign or are you looking for a mobile solution, then don't hestitate to contact us!

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